Don't Know How to Deal with
Crypto Accounting ?

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Decore is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use crypto accounting solution built for bookkeepers, accountants, and accounting firms.

Designed Specifically for Corporate Accounting

Decore automatically syncs blockchain data from exchanges and wallets through addresses and read-only API Keys. From wallets with over one million transactions, DeFi transactions, to cost basis tracking between wallets, Decore can handle all of the above with ease.

Integrated with Non-Crypto Accounting Services

Decore has integrated with most of the popular non-crypto accounting services like Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage Intacct, ... etc. You don't need prerequisite crypto knowledge to export data from Decore to your current ledgers.

Design for Accountant

Easy yet Powerful Coding Interface

Decore is a real double-entry accounting service. Just like the existing accounting services your company is using, Decore provides an easy-to-use coding interface, and our Smart Coding will learn from your input and suggest the best matching codes as you progress.

Security and Privacy First

What Decore can access is your read-only data. We are not able to trade or move your assets. You could also choose to run Decore in our cloud-based infrastructure or your own VPN environment.

Finally there’s a reliable accounting software that can process crypto transactions!!

Decore makes my work so much easier and saves me more than 50% of time. By linking your API keys, it can connect to your digital wallets and transfers all of the transactions to the software automatically. In addition, I love that I can generate 1099s and do the reconciliation effortlessly.


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100k txs
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A million txs
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