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Decore provides payroll and accounting enterprise software service for crypto native companies.


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Integrated Accounting

Synchronize your on-chain transactions with your favorite accounting software like Quickbooks. Using Decore is as easy as 2 steps:

1 Setup your lwallet and exchange in Decore.

2 Install fDecore app on Quickbooks and we will auto-sync transaction with Quickbooks, that's it.

Your book-keepers and accountants can process crypto transactions in their favorite accounting software. No more manual calculation on spreadsheets and stop worrying about preparing crypto tax anymore.

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Streamlined Payroll

Let's stop transfer the programmable money manually by using a more efficient tool instead. Decore streamlines your gpayroll process and provides the most straightforward interface for batching processing your payroll. dEmployees can specify the portion of their payroll in crypto, and the fund can be transferred from hardware wallets, multisig wallets, or even exchange accounts.

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Currently Decore is in private beta, and we are working closely with some initialized clients. If you are interested in joining our beta program, please let us know!


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